Our Story as an IoT Company

From our founding to our implementation across hotel, manufacturing, retail and other industries, Locbit is an IoT company that is rapidly expanding to help companies connect their devices and data to save money, improve efficiency and reach business goals.


We offer three solutions:

1. Energy Management 

2. Business Automation 

3. Risk Management 

The Locbit Platform enables you to create customized operational processes based on real time data analytics. Our platform enables you to quickly identify inefficiencies, lower operational cost and improve performance in order to facilitate growth. Our IoT system collects and analyze data trends such as energy consumption, moisture detection, store traffic, product displays, refrigerator openings and climate changes so you can make data driven decisions that will reduce cost and allow you to capitalize on otherwise missed opportunities. The biggest benefit that some of our clients have seen so far is in Energy Management because we managed to reduce their energy usage by 30%.

We work with hotels, eldercare facilities, commercial buildings, supermarkets, restaurants and bars, 3D-printing labs, etc.



Connect Everyone to Everything, Everywhere.


Better and improve people’s lives through technology, in turn making people more efficient and conserving the most precious asset of all – time. Through the power of information and connectivity, allow every day objects interact with one another and humans in ways never thought possible.


We are a team of inspired people who look at IoT (Internet of Things) and want to push the boundaries on how the technology, reporting and implementation can be used to save time and money. Each team member brings skills, passion and expertise, allowing our whole to be greater than the sum of our parts.