Our Story as an IoT Company

From our founding to our implementation across hotel, manufacturing, retail and other industries, Locbit is an IoT company that is rapidly expanding to help companies connect their devices and data to save money, improve efficiency and reach business goals.


We offer three solutions:

1.Energy Management 

2.Business Automation 

3.Risk Management 

The Locbit Platform enables you to create customized operational processes based on real time data analytics. Our platform enables you to quickly identify inefficiencies, lower operational cost and improve performance in order to facilitate growth. Our IoT system collects and analyze data trends such as energy consumption, moisture detection, store traffic, product displays, refrigerator openings and climate changes so you can make data driven decisions that will reduce cost and allow you to capitalize on otherwise missed opportunities. The biggest benefit that some of our clients have seen so far is in Energy Management because we managed to reduce their energy usage by 30%.

We work with  Hotels, Elderly Care Facilities, Commercial Buildings, Supermarkets, Restaurant and bars, 3D printing Labs etc.



Connect Everyone to Everything, Everywhere.


Better and improve people’s lives through technology, in turn making people more efficient and conserving the most precious asset of all – time. Through the power of information and connectivity, allow every day objects interact with one another and humans in ways never thought possible.


We are team of inspired people who look at IoT (Internet of Things) and want to push the boundaries on how the technology, reporting and implementation can be used to save time and money. Each team member brings skills, passion and expertise, allowing our whole to be greater than the sum of our parts.

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Boian holds a well versed sales background in respects to software. He has paired his sales background with programming, finance, supply chain management, and marketing. He is an active hacker, even as Locbit continues to grow. As the current acting CEO, he vigorously pursues the establishment of strong business partnerships along with overseeing: software development and managing Locbit’s sales force.

Chief Technical Officer, Co-Founder
Toshiaki Kotani Senior Vice President of Operations
Senior Vice President of Operations

Toshiaki Kotani is the Senior Vice President of Operations for Locbit, Inc. Kotani joined Locbit in July of 2015 and currently leads an integrated effort to define the company’s business development and strategic direction related to future growth. Kotani continues to hold responsibility for sales strategy and serves on the Locbit leadership team. With nearly 15 years of experience, Kotani brings a deep understanding to company development growth with former positions as Sales Executive and Sales Operations.

Earlier, as Director of Sales, Kotani was responsible for developing new client relationships that led to leading the current sales team and assist in the development of the best practices and strategies for success. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara and is a Dean’s Honors graduate.

Vice President of Sales

Nationally Recognized Hospitality Advocate

Hospitality Owners and Facilities Managers & Engineers Who Want To Reduce Risk and Liability
Hotels spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars on flood damage.
I solve this.

I provide the flood alert software cloud that updates status boards, and sends automatic text message alerts to key hotel and large building staff, so that they can immediately respond to room floods, and prevent most of their in-room flood damage costs.

Vice President of Sales

Darrin Nguyen is the Vice President of Sales for Locbit, Inc. He is responsible for growth acceleration, revenue, profit, lead generation, and client satisfaction across the United States. Darrin brings more than 8 years of sales and leadership experience across enterprise, commercial, and consumer sectors. Prior to Locbit, Darrin was a National Account Manager, traveling across the United States securing new business on trips lasting up to 3 months at a time.  He became the Executive Sales Manager, responsible for for recruiting, training, developing, and managing a nationwide sales team, while creating business development and increasing customer loyalty.

Chief Financial Officer