• Panasonic and Locbit

    Panasonic and Locbit, are highlighted in their Internet of Things collaboration efforts in the in the following video from Plug and Play. The video explains how Locbit created a system that nearly achieved 50% in energy savings in big building environment. This is was a test ran by Panasonic.

    The internet of things is going to create a lot of new opportunities and efficiencies for all types of businesses. Hotels, being big buildings, will benefit tremendously as they are naturally inefficient due to vacancies, guest carelessness and human error. Whats more important is that energy efficiency hits the bottom line. Hotels also have, historically, tested new technologies before they get widely adopted in the consumer space or other enterprise settings. This why Panasonic and Locbit target hotels.

    It started by Locbit connecting and automating a small hospitality mini fridge. After Locbit demonstrated the rapid integration speed of its core technology, Common Machine Language, Panasonic and Locbit aligned on targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) market with a concentration on buildings. After the hospitality test succeeded, in which the results surpassed expectations, Panasonic and Locbit launched a joint collaboration in introducing an IoT solution in the market, that does one thing primarily, make businesses efficient. Enjoy,


    Video can also be found here, http://plugandplaytechcenter.com/2016/07/05/panasonic-locbit-corporate-innovation/

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  • Smart Thermostats-What to look for?

     Smart Thermostats are no longer an early-adopter’s product. 


    They are fully functional, value driven tools that anyone can take advantage of. In their simplest form, a smart thermostats is one that possesses basic ‘intelligence’ or the ability to make decisions. They accomplish this through several extensions to their previous characteristics; primarily the presence of Wi-Fi connectivity and internal software for data analysis.


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  • Smart thermostat-Which one is the best ?

    What is a Smart Thermostat?

    A ‘Smart’ thermostat is a networked device which allows you to manage a location’s temperature based on different variables (such as the time of day). This can be done from a remote setting: wirelessly via the Internet, using your smart phone, tablet or desktop. It being ‘smart’ implies it should save you money on power and keep your home, office or building efficiently comfortable. It achieves this by learning and adapting to your behavior through the support of data-analysis software. It then reports to you in real-time (e.g. energy consumption) and can even adjust its settings based on preset parameters and ambient conditions (e.g. humidity).


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  • Smart Thermostats and Regular Thermostats

    Smart Thermostats  and Regular Thermostats

    Which one to choose?


    Smart thermostats and regular thermostats are used by many businesses and homes in order to manage energy consumption and because of their convenience. ‘Smart’ thermostats have become the new trend and are slowly taking over for ‘regular’ thermostats. Some of the most popular are Nest Thermostat, Ecobee Smart Thermostat and Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat but the list goes on and on.


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  • Smart thermostats and the Internet of things

    Smart thermostats and the Internet of things are here to reduce our energy bills


    Filling in the gap between energy supply and demand with clean, reliable and inexpensive energy is one of the biggest challenges today. The possibility of energy becoming more expensive, less available and more harmful to our environment has renewed people’s interest in finding more efficient ways to use it. It seems simple, but smart thermostats are key players in a booming industry. (more…)