Data Scientist

Department: Data Scientist
Project Location(s): San Diego, CA
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Compensation: 80K per annum


  • Applies analytic methodologies and principles to address client needs
  • Applies analytic techniques in the evaluation of project objectives and contributes to the implementation of strategic direction
  • Performs analyst functions including data collection, interviewing, data cleansing, data modeling, project testing, and creation of performance measurements to support project objectives
  • Teach employees and interns the skills and methodologies required for job completion
  • Develop new methodologies and keep up with new industry standards


  • Bachelor’s in Statistic, Data Science, or other related fields
  • Experience querying databases and using statistical computer languages (SQL, R, Python etc.)
  • Experience with ingesting, processing, and transforming data at scale
  • Proficiency in Machine Learning processes such as feature extraction, statistical approaches, linear and non-linear classifiers, and deep learning including one or more approaches such as CNNs, SVM, and Bayesian Networks
  • Personal accountability and strong work ethic
  • Positive, “can do” attitude


Please email resume to, attn. Boian Spassov.


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