The QUAD is a California State San Marcos University dormitory that houses students in a very modern and hip setting. The amenities include a pool with a grilling area and firepits, a fitness center, study rooms, laundry mats, game rooms, and lounge areas. This modern and hip student housing structure is also going green, showing the future leaders of America how to leave a minimal carbon footprint.

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Zion Market is a family owned grocery store that opened in 1979 and was one of the first grocery stores in San Diego selling Japanese and Korean food products. The flagship location in San Diego has grown by 33-fold from its initial 3,000 square feet to the 100,000 square feet building used today. Zion Market partnered with Locbit and installed the Locbit IoT platform which is monitoring over 75 smart devices.

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The Maker’s Quarter Block D was developed and designed to reflect the artistic integrity of the San Diego downtown neighborhood. In meeting this effort, Maker’s Quarter and Locbit partnered and integrated the Locbit IoT platform to create a fully functional, smart building that analyzes data and creates real-time automations for operational and energy efficiency benefiting both ownership and its tenants.


Stellar Care is a family owned residential care facility for seniors specializing in Alzheimer’s and Memory Care services. Meeting the physical, emotional and social needs of their residents with dignity and respect requires extraordinary levels of staffing and specialization. Stellar Care and Locbit partnered in 2016 and installed the Locbit IoT platform which is monitoring over 250 smart devices.


The Pinnacle Medical Plaza is an 80,000 square feet Medical Office Building that houses Sharp HealthCare and private doctor and dentist practices. Lankford and Associates, who manages the property, was impressed at the added energy and business efficiencies that were added onto the Makers Quarter Block D building. That being said, it was apparent that they needed to add the Locbit energy saving platform onto their medical plaza.


Locbit, a leading provider of IoT-based energy management solutions, has formed a successful partnership with SD3D, a San Diego-based 3D printing company, to help them save significantly on their energy bill. Through the installation of Locbit’s energy management system, SD3D was able to monitor and control their energy usage in real-time, identifying areas of inefficiency and implementing measures to reduce waste. The partnership between Locbit and SD3D demonstrates the power of IoT-based energy management solutions in driving sustainable, cost-effective energy practices in the industrial sector.

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