Eagle Rainforest router

1. Connect the Rainforest to the network

Connection methods:

  • LTE Gateway
  • Client’s Internal Network


A solid light on the  icon means you are connected to the Internet


The Rainforest is not WiFi enabled and requires a hardwired connection. Alternatively, using a TP-Link will provide connection wirelessly.

2. Configure the Cloud

From a network enabled laptop, log into Rainforest.

3. Get your Cloud ID and Install Code

Find the Cloud ID and Install Code on the back of the Rainforest and Click “Add” to add your Gateway(Rainforest).

4. Install Codes (IN) and CloudID

The Install Codes (IN) and CloudID are located on the bottom of your Rainforest.

5. Gateway Screen

Your Rainforest will now appear on the Gateway Screen.


Click on your Gateway to continue setup.

6. Settings

Click the Settings button.

7. Cloud should be “Not Configured”

The Cloud should be “Not Configured”.


Click on the Cloud tab to set it.

8. Cloud Icon

Click the Cloud Icon with the “+” sign and Enter “Locbit” as the Provider and “http://api.locbit.com:8888/rainforest/endpoint” as the URL. Click “Add Cloud”.

9. Set Cloud

Select “Locbit” from the dropdown list and click “Set Cloud”.


The EAGLE Rainforest will connect to Locbit.

10. Setting the Multiplier and Divisor

Go to the “EAGLE” tab and click the gear icon in the bottom right corner.

11. Multiplier and Divisor

Enter Multiplier and Divisor as necessary, then click “Set”. Click “Ok” when asked to confirm. Please also enable Remote Management
by checking the box “Allow Remote Management”.

12. Configure Rainforest Cloud

You have completed Configuring the Eagle Rainforest on the Rainforest cloud. The next step is to contact the local energy provide and add the Rainforest.

13. Provisioning the Rainforest

Provisioning the Rainforest with the local Energy Company. In this example we use SDG&E


Navigate to the following URL:


Click the Log in to my account button

14. Terms and Conditions

Accept the Terms and Conditions and Click Next


Click “OK” on the following Confirmation page.

15. Ceiva page

You will be redirected to the Ceiva page.


Click the  button

16. Add Device

You will need to click the “Add Device” button.

17. Add Device setup

The MAC Address and Install Code and all other required fields are located on the back of your Rainforest.


Your screen should look like the screenshot after you fill in each field.


Click “Add Device”


You have completed provisioning your Eagle Rainforest with SDG&E.

18. Provisioning the Eagle Rainforest on the Locbit Cloud

Open your web browser and Navigate to:




Login with your account.

19. Location

Select your location and click

20. Provision

Find the Rainforest logo at the bottom right hand of the screen and click Provision to start the provisioning process.

21. Gateway

Click this link to open another window in a new tab


Navigate to your Gateway and click the name.

22. Settings

Click Settings and then Click the Connected

23. Copy MAC Address

Copy the MAC Address and click over to the Locbit Cloud tab.

24. Mac Address field and Device a name.

Paste the Address in the Mac Address field and give the Device a name.


Click Submit.

25. Configuration is done

If the Rainforest was configured with SDG&E then you will see the KW data in the window like the image.

Provision the EAGLE™ Your EAGLE™ must be registered with your utility to connect to the smart meter. You will need to contact your utility with two numbers (MAC Address and Install Code) that can be found on the Information Label on the underside of your EAGLE™: Note that it may take some time for your utility to enable the smart meter to connect with your device. You must wait until this process is complete before proceeding; your EAGLE™ will not function correctly until the smart meter is enabled. Step 3: Power up