Eagle Rainforest router

1. Connect the Rainforest to the network

Connection methods:

  • LTE Gateway
  • Client’s Internal Network


A solid light on the  icon means you are connected to the Internet


The Rainforest is not WiFi enabled and requires a hardwired connection. Alternatively, using a TP-Link will provide connection wirelessly.

2. Configure the Cloud

From a network enabled laptop, log into Rainforest.

3. Get your Cloud ID and Install Code

Find the Cloud ID and Install Code on the back of the Rainforest and Click “Add” to add your Gateway(Rainforest).

4. Install Codes (IN) and CloudID

The Install Codes (IN) and CloudID are located on the bottom of your Rainforest.

5. Gateway Screen

Your Rainforest will now appear on the Gateway Screen.


Click on your Gateway to continue setup.

6. Settings

Click the Settings button.

7. Cloud should be “Not Configured”

The Cloud should be “Not Configured”.


Click on the Cloud tab to set it.

8. Cloud Icon

Click the Cloud Icon with the “+” sign and Enter “Locbit” as the Provider and “http://api.locbit.com:8888/rainforest/endpoint” as the URL. Click “Add Cloud”.

9. Set Cloud