Access to internet. If adding devices to a test room then you will need access to the LTE Gateway. Panasonic devices only connect at 2.4 Ghz band.


Panasonic Home mobile app for android and iPhone.


Configure the Panasonic Hub – KX-HNB600 – New Install

1. Plug in the hub

The Hubs LED will flash yellow and green. When the LED is solid yellow, you are ready for the next step

2. Connect your mobile device

Connect your mobile device to the Wireless Network that you will connect the hub to.

3. Home App

Launch the Panasonic Home App on your mobile device.

4. Set up the hub

Tap the “Set up the hub” button and press the “Wifi Setup” button on the back of the hub when prompted.


You may be prompted to enter the password of the wireless router.

5. Wi Fi Setup

When prompted, press the “Wi Fi Setup” button again for 1 second. You will be prompted to set the HUBs local password. Keep this password simple and document for future use. Click “ok”.

6. Mobile device name

Enter the name of your mobile device and then select “ok” to continue.

How do I reset the KX-HNB600 hub and re-start the initial setup?

  • Disconnect the AC adaptor from the hub.
  • While pressing the Wi-Fi SETUP button on the rear of the hub and the [CAMERA] and [OTHER DEVICE] buttons on the side of the hub (total 3 buttons), connect the AC adaptor to the hub. Continue to hold the buttons down until the hub’s LED indicator is yellow, and then release the buttons.
  • Wait for the hub’s LED indicator to light green (about 2 minutes).
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi SETUP button until the hub’s LED indicator blinks in green.
  • When the hub’s LED indicator is red the hub has been successfully reset.
  • Disconnect the AC adaptor from the hub and then connect it again to restart the hub.