You will need to use both the SmartThings mobile app and the Desktop App in order to complete installation. If you do not have the Smartthings app on your mobile, please go to your mobile store and search “SmartThings Mobile”. Download the app and create your account if you do not already have one.


The link to the Desktop App.

1. Locate label

Find the label on the hub you will configure. The label will be located either on the top or bottom of the Hub. The label is also the Location Name.

2. SmartThings app

Using the mobile SmartThings app, navigate to the “More” link and select the location you wish to add your devices.

3. My Home

Select the “My Home” link. You may find other devices paired to this Hub. This is because these Hubs were previously part of another installation and have been returned.

4. Add a Thing

Scroll down to “Add a Thing”. The SmartThings app will immediately start searching for devices in your area.

5. Pair devices

Holding your device, push the pair button. The pair button is located in different locations depending on the device.

6. Device type

Your Device will appear in the APP. Make sure that the Device type matches your device.

7. Location and Type

Rename the Device according to Location and Type.

8. Device is configured

Click OK. Congratulations, you have configured a device on your hub.

Adding Locbit to the Device

In order for the device to function on the Locbit Platform, we need to add a couple apps.

9. SmartThings Mobile App

Scroll down to “Add a Thing”. The SmartThings app will immediately start searching for devices in your area.

10. My home

Select SmartApps and My home. If you see the Production Push App and App for Control then skip to step…..

11. Add a SmartApp

Select Automations and select Add a SmartApp. Scroll down and Select My Apps

12. Production Push App

Select Production Push App

13. Add your Device

Add your Device into the correct categories. Example: If your device is a switch, add it to “Which Switches” and Indicator Measurements. Commit Changes

14. Marketplace

Next, select “Marketplace” and then select “My Apps”.

15. Finalization

  • Scroll down and Select App for Control.
  • Add your device into the correct areas. Hint: You can only add switches to switch categories. Thermostats can only be added to Thermostat related sections.
  • Save and Commit changes.
  • Test your device by toggling the settings. If your device is a Thermostat or Energy Reader then you will see the temperature or Energy readings.


Add SmartThings Device to Locbit Platform

Provision Smartthings on Locbit


You will need to have a tab for SmartThings and a tab open for Locbit Apps on your browser.