These instructions are for provisioning the Network Thermostat unto the Locbit Platform. The thermostat will need to be powered and connected to the internet in order to complete these instructions.


1. Login

Login to your Network Thermostat using its IP Address.

2. Type in browser

In your browser, type in “/configcc.htm” at the end of the URL address.

3. Cloud Connect Configuration

Under Cloud, type in the following:

4. Port

Change the port to 8880.

5. MAC address

Copy the MAC address (you will need to add the MAC address to the LOCBIT APP.

Locbit Platform

1. Login

Login to the locbit Platform.

2. Location

Make sure you are in the correct location.

3. Provision Device

Click “Provision Device”

4. Select Network Thermostat

Scroll down to the Network Thermostat option and click provision.

5. MAC address

Type in the MAC address and remove any colons.

6. Device name

Type in the Device name.

7. Username and Password

Type in the user name and password of your Network Thermostat. Select OK to save and continue.

8. Verify Network Thermostat is working

Under Devices, navigate to your Thermostat. If you see temperature values, then you have achieved success.