Locbit Announces New Office to Support Enterprise IOT

Locbit Announces New Office to Support Enterprise IOT

San Diego, CA based company, Locbit, is announcing plans for expanding its silicon valley presence.

While continuing operations out of the San Diego, CA office near Qualcomm, the new office is designed to expand support of enterprise customers.

Current successes for Locbit’s Internet of Things Cloud Platform include saving energy, mitigating flood damage, and increasing efficiency by making large building “smart.”

Boian Spassov, Locbit CEO explains, “we give business owners control of their devices, understanding of what goes on in their buildings, and the ability to automatically take action by connecting devices and sensors in a cloud, doing high volume analytics, and triggering automated work flows.”

However, by expanding their current presence in California’s Silicon Valley, Locbit plans to increase their support for vendors who want an easy way to connect their devices to the internet of everything.

Andrij Wilhite, Locbit President explains that, “we already have the Locbit software running on everything from 3D printers and wearable devices to robots. By providing a larger presence in Silicon Valley, we will make it easier to reach more people who are struggling to get their devices rapidly and easily connected.”

Locbit is located in the Plug and Play Tech Center, located at 440 N. Wolfe Rd., Sunnyvale, CA 94085

The company’s contact information and list of team members can be found on their website. Here, those interested in taking advantage of Locbit’s services can make inquiries, read more about how analytics work to streamline other businesses, and view case studies on the efficiency of this automation system. The company has made it clear that they hope to assist each client by improving operations, solving risk management, and reducing energy costs.

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