Locbit Finds New Office Near Other Industry Leaders

Locbit Finds New Office Near Other Industry Leaders


San Diego, CA based company, Locbit, has announced that they have moved offices to be in a more convenient location for their clients. The team is also excited that the move has brought them closer to other industry leaders in the technology field. The company is recognized as an internet of things software firm, which works to help reduce the costs of energy for their clients while also increasing productivity and efficiency. The company explains, “By connecting the Locbit Platform with your current devices you can gather data and analytics that can improve the way you utilize your business’s resources.”

Current clients of the company include large scale property owners such as hotel chain operators. They also work with other companies in the technology field, sharing their cloud automation services for streamlined production. Boian Spassov, Locbit’s CEO has stated that this move is an exciting step for the company, especially because it brings them closer to like-minded companies, and a potential new client base.

He has been quoted as saying, “We are excited to be in such a central location for our customers, and close to other technology leaders such as Qualcomm.”

Although it is clear that Locbit is attracted to other companies in the technology field, their services are suited to the needs of businesses of all sizes and in many industries across the board. The company explains how their analytics services can help in unique business models, such as those employed by grocery stores by allowing management to analyze the traffic in store, check on product displays and employee efficiency, and even monitor climate changes such as those utilized in refrigeration units. This information can then be used to improve areas of the business that are not running as expected.

The company’s new location and contact information can be found on their website. Here, those interested in taking advantage of Locbit’s services can make inquiries, read more about how analytics work to streamline other businesses, and view case studies on the efficiency of this automation system. The company has made it clear that they hope to assist each client by improving operations, solving risk management, and reducing energy waste.

Contact Locbit:

Boian Spassov
(858) 412-4199
6650 Lusk Blvd Suite B205 San Diego, CA 92121

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