Makers Quarter

The Maker’s Quarter Block D was developed and designed to reflect the artistic integrity of the San Diego downtown neighborhood. In meeting this effort, Maker’s Quarter and Locbit partnered and integrated the Locbit IoT platform to create a fully functional, smart building that analyzes data and creates real-time automations for operational and energy efficiency benefiting both ownership and its tenants. The Locbit IoT platform:

  • Provides the ability for tenants to completely optimize their suite to fit their needs
  • Allows building property management companies to monitor overall energy usage in real time
  • Provides utility billing for all tenants to improve accuracy of how property owners measure energy usage for each tenant and bill accordingly with the Locbit platforms
  • Allows for monitoring and measuring solar production
  • Monitor and control IoT devices such as: multi-sensors, door/window sensors, garage door controllers, light controllers, HVAC controllers, access control management systems, security cameras, louver blind controllers, solar inverters and a weather station.

As a Locbit customer with multiple buildings on the platform, I find it very convenient to have all my buildings displayed together on one GUI rather than having to go to different websites to check the status of the various building functions being monitored and controlled by the Locbit platform. Additionally, I find that the personalized yet rapid response service I receive from the entire Locbit team helps to build trust and I appreciate that intelligent help is always a quick phone call or text away. As such, I plan to incorporate Locbit into every commercial building in my portfolio

Luann Gould, Lankford and Associates
Property Manager / Project Assistant

Locbit controls LEED Platinum building

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