Smart thermostat-Which one is the best ?

Smart thermostat-Which one is the best ?

What is a Smart Thermostat?

A ‘Smart’ thermostat is a networked device which allows you to manage a location’s temperature based on different variables (such as the time of day). This can be done from a remote setting: wirelessly via the Internet, using your smart phone, tablet or desktop. It being ‘smart’ implies it should save you money on power and keep your home, office or building efficiently comfortable. It achieves this by learning and adapting to your behavior through the support of data-analysis software. It then reports to you in real-time (e.g. energy consumption) and can even adjust its settings based on preset parameters and ambient conditions (e.g. humidity).

By using a Smart Thermostat you can better your energy energy consumption


In this way, smart thermostats are able to reduce utility bills and extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling equipment. If your energy bills are overwhelming, a smart thermostat is a great way to cut costs. John Carlsen writes a very interesting article in which he evaluated smart thermostats. Its focus was on two main elements: comfort control and energy management.

According to this article, when it comes to comfort level, a smart thermostat controls the environment inside your home/office through detection of temperature variations with different energy usage and ranges. In this way the smart thermostat will know to activate and adjust in order to provide a comfortable home/office temperature.

When it comes to energy management, a smart thermostat’s goal is to promote energy efficiency. One of its best features is auto-scheduling which allows it to see observe your habits, local weather patterns and ask you simple questions to determine your preferences. Features like this can take energy savings to the next level.


For more information, read our blog about smart thermostats reducing our energy bills.


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