Stellar Care is a family owned residential care facility for seniors specializing in Alzheimer’s and Memory Care services. Meeting the physical, emotional and social needs of their residents with dignity and respect requires extraordinary levels of staffing and specialization. Stellar Care and Locbit partnered in 2016 and installed the Locbit IoT platform which is monitoring over 250 smart devices to address the following needs:

  • Full automated operating procedures
  • Monitor resident’s activity
  • Control the HVAC in real-time and capture immediate energy cost savings
  • Improve operational performance

Since going live with automations at the start of 2017, we have seen a constant 10-15% savings compared to last year’s bills for the same spring months and close to 20% savings during the past two summer months.

Brandon Cho, Stellar Care
Facilities Manager

Locbit enabled IoT platform accomplished a 30-40% reduction in demand charges and a 10-20% reduction in electricity usage

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