Chipkin Gateway

Neurio Energy Monitor

Panasonic HUB

Rainforest Eagle Energy Monitor Device

Panasonic Lighting Dimmer Switch

Panasonic Window/Door Sensor

Panasonic DECT Repeater

Panasonic Smart Plug

Samsung Smart Things HUB v2

Panasonic Water Leak Sensor

Aeon Labs Window/Door Sensor Gen5

Aeon Labs 6 in 1 Multisensor

2GIG Z-wave Programmable Thermostat

Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch

Jasco Duplex Receptacle

Panasonic Lighting On/Off Switch

Jasco In-Wall Smart Dimmer

Smart Network WiFi Thermostat

BulletPlus Gateway/Modem

WiFi Kit – BulletPlus Gateway/Modem

IOT Automation Software That Solves Complex Business Challenges

By continuously monitoring all of your building’s device behavior, you can quickly respond to your business demands and prevent potential losses. Through our platform, you can create automations and alerts that keep you informed and equipped to identify and resolve inefficiencies, reduce cost and increase performance. Our business automation solution allows you to take full control of your IOT devices though a cloud based software that you can access from any computer or mobile device. This will enable you to manage your operational cost with real time data usage. By monitoring the performance of all your connected devices, you’ll be able to make changes that improve efficiencies that will help you manage your expenses so you can focus on increasing opportunities to grow your business.

  • "For customers who are not familiar with Zion Market, we are the leader in Korean and Asian groceries in Southern California providing the freshest foods and household goods at the lowest prices. With the rise of costs in energy, we are proud to partner with Locbit in looking for not only savings, but efficiency as well."

    Tim Moon

    Operations ManagerZion Market

    Tim Moon
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