The Quad

The QUAD is a California State San Marcos University dormitory that houses students in a very modern and hip setting. The amenities include a pool with a grilling area and firepits, a fitness center, study rooms, laundry mats, game rooms, and lounge areas. This modern and hip student housing structure is also going green, showing the future leaders of America how to leave a minimal carbon footprint. The Locbit IoT platform:

  • Provides the students with a comfortable environment by applying automations to change the HVAC and lighting based on real-time weather data
  • Gives building property management companies the ability to monitor and measure solar production of the PV panels in real-time
  • Allows building property management companies to monitor overall solar production versus energy usage in real-time
  • Is automated to create energy efficiencies during demand response and peak power hours

As a Locbit customer with multiple buildings on the platform, I find it very convenient to have all my buildings displayed together on one GUI rather than having to go to different websites to check the status of the various building functions being monitored and controlled by the Locbit platform. Additionally, I find that the personalized yet rapid response service I receive from the entire Locbit team helps to build trust and I appreciate that intelligent help is always a quick phone call or text away. As such, I plan to incorporate Locbit into every commercial building in my portfolio

Luann Gould, Lankford and Associates
Property Manager / Project Assistant

Locbit enabled IoT platform accomplished a 15-20% reduction in electricity usage for a California University Dormitory

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