The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a convention held every year in Las Vegas. It is a show that exhibits new and exciting electronic appliances. Its hardware oriented and has been the stage where things like Blu-ray and hdtv have made their debut. This month, however, CES had a very interesting trend of devices involving the internet of things.
There were still lots and lots of TVs of course. We all know if TVs don’t stop getting bigger and shinier, then the world as we know it will end.

The innovative side of the convention involved everything that had to do with, well, everything. That is, in essence, the Internet of Things. Everything having to do with everything. The stuff that really got people interested this year were things that were all designed to fit into an interconnected ecosystem.

The Edison was announced, which is a tiny PC designed to fit in things like a waistband for a baby to monitor vitals. It can also fit in a teacup. That immediately sounds useless, but the point is you can now use this computer to monitor whatever information you desire from whatever item you want. It turns something like a teacup into a device rather than just an object that holds hot liquid.

The Lifeband Touch also came out. This is a much more consumer oriented device that is basically a very utilitarian watch. It shows and allows you to interact with notifications from your phone, lets you control music, and works as a pedometer. The Lifeband is more than just a pedometer for people who are concerned with their health, as it also monitors your heart-rate.

It is exciting to see the next wave of technological advances start to break through. This trend of inter-connectivity will continue to grow until it becomes the norm. It happened with television, transportation of almost every kind, phones, and computers. I personally can’t wait to see what happens next.

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