What is the difference between the Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything? This is a question that I honestly had no clue how to answer when a coworker presented it to me. Initially I thought that the differentiation was really insignificant and that any debate over it was a bit of a waste of time. I used to think that the main difference between the two terms was that IoT was used by people in the industry and that IoE was the version that got thrown onto commercials by marketing teams. I believed this because I only ever saw IoE in advertisements and IoT was what I was used to.

After some thought and research, though, it seemed to me that there actually was some difference in what the two phrases were trying to convey. Considering the word “internet” is in both, the Internet of Everything seems to encompass the soul of the industry a little bit more wholeheartedly. The word everything stretches the idea to, well, the internet. Rather than just physical devices talking to one another, which is the realm of the Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything includes things like social media and the data collected from all of these talking toys. At a glance it is hard to see any major differences between the two. That’s because there really aren’t any. The two ideas are almost genetically identical, one of which being a bit more evolved.

So, as it turns out, I’ve changed my mind. It seems to me that the IoE is a better way of describing the technological advancements happening currently. It is just another step in the evolutionary process of the fast growing industry.

If the term changes anymore, though, I will become frustrated. I’m already having enough trouble telling if soy milk is healthier for me than almond milk, my heart can’t take any more stress.

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