Building Automation Systems Case Study
Assisted Care FacilitySTELLAR CARE

In an effort to reduce energy consumption and improve operational efficiency, Stellar Care partnered with Locbit’s industry leading innovative IoT building automation platform.

The Locbit’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform is a device and protocol agnostic built to monitor, measure and create energy efficiencies in real time through the interpretation of the data collected.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the Locbit platform automatically adjusts building infrastructure systems to achieve Demand Response in real time, reducing kWh and peak time energy usage.


In 2008, Stellar Care opened a family owned residential care facility for seniors specializing in Alzheimer’s and Memory Care services.

Stellar Care strives to provide premier assisting living care while navigating the difficult realities of their residents living with dementia. Meeting the physical, emotional and social needs of their residents with dignity and respect requires extraordinary levels of staffing and specialization.

The US is home to an aging population. By the year 2020, there will be an estimated 50 million people increasingly reliant on residential and assisted living care facilities. Maintaining operational efficiency within these facilities will become increasingly difficult due to rising costs specifically in energy usage and the rapid growth of potential residents.

Stellar Care’s primary business philosophy is: “It’s all about the Care.” In effort to provide optimal, person-centered care, it is essential that Stellar Care remove wasteful spending, introduce innovative solutions, attract and retain qualified employees and continue improving operational performance by lowering costs.

Stellar Care lacks a centrally controlled HVAC system and has been unable to easily monitor and control temperatures in each of its rooms. Residents frequently adjust the thermostat in their rooms to a high or low setting and often times leave with the air conditioning still running. To ensure the comfort of residents, and to lower energy and operational costs, employees had to enter each room to adjust the thermostat. Streamlining this process to allow for real-time monitoring of each room is one of Stellar Care’s highest priorities.

In 2016, the Locbit IoT building automation platform was installed to address Stellar Care’s need to fully automate operating procedures, monitor resident’s activity, control the HVAC in real time and capture immediate energy cost savings and improved operational performance.

Today, the Locbit IoT platform monitors 268 IoT devices including: Wi-Fi thermostats, motion/temperature sensors, door sensors and water leak detection sensors.

Stellar Care prevents energy inefficiencies and ensures comfortable temperature levels by centrally controlling the AC units in each room.

By managing temperature controls and monitoring the movements of residents and staff, Stellar Care is now able to customize and program automations to support operational efficiency in real time and at a more granular level – implement changes room by room.

According to Brandon Cho, the Facilities Manager at Stellar Care, “Since going live with automations at the start of 2017, we have seen a constant 10-15% savings compared to last year’s bills for the same spring months and close to 20% savings during the past two summer months. Being able to instantly see the total energy usage in the building allowed us to throttle down energy usage when we approached energy peaks, which cut demand charges down by 30-40% when compared to the same months in 2016. Furthermore, the dashboard displayed at our front desk has been a hit with marketing tours and has set us apart from the other communities as innovators in the memory care industry. Most importantly, the alert system and dashboards have allowed us to quickly respond to rooms that have become too hot or too cold with residents who are often unable to report it themselves.”

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Since going live with automations at the start of 2017, we have seen a constant 10-15% savings compared to last year’s bills for the same spring months and close to 20% savings during the past two summer months.

Brandon Cho
Facilities Manager, Stellar Care